Artist Of The Month

Artist of this month is…

John Hathaway!!!

Who is he?
John Hathway is a Japanese artist -who named himself after John Hutchison and George Hathaway (who discovered the Hutchison effect).
His artwork is very sci-if and based heavily on otaku culture and scientific theory.
His artwork often displays a city in the sky wih citizens riding around on broomsticks instead of walking.
The artist started off being very interested in science and robots. He used to experiment as a child and ended up burning the tatami mats.
His first artwork was very simple illustrations which evolved into manga like drawings.

Freiya Sand! 

We were very lucky to interview her and chat about her art:

Artist of the month: Interview with Freiya Sand:
Known for her unique digital  art style posted on the BTS amino.

Since you are artist of the month, this question is obvious-how did you discover you were into art and how did you discover your art style?
I don’t exactly remember when, but my mom told me that I already started drawing since I was three years old. And then, when I was about 8, I was into fashion designing, since I was a child I was always drawing in a semirealist style [laughs]. But recently I changed my color palette so it also changed my style-I discover it by trying to mix some colours, it ended up weird at first but after many times trying I finally found the right colouring style.

Whoa, you’re a natural born artist [laughs]! That’s a unique learning style. Most people watch clips online or copy their favourite artists.  Are there any other art styles you have tested? That did/didn’t work for you?

I’ve tried manga/anime style, the sketch wasn’t bad but since I was already used to my semirealist colouring style, when I was colouring the manga sketch it looks weird [laughs]. I also tried drawing chibis and it worked for me, I draw chibis every time I’m not in the mood to draw in semirealist style a.k.a when I’m tired.

Yeah, manga/anime didn’t work for me either. I find it really tricky [laughs]. How did you learn how to draw in your style? Like, did you use YouTube, or other ways of learning, or did you teach yourself?

I already learned semirealist style since elementary school when I was learning fashion design-you know, the mannequin model style with long skinny legs and thick lips [laughs].For the colouring method, since no one taught me, I taught myself by using references. I used many famous semirealist artist styles as my references such as Sakimi Chan, Artgerm, Ilya, Kuvsjinov and many more.

I’m gonna have to look some of those artists up! That’s a really rare way to learn how to draw-it’s so cool!

So, you’re HUGE on apps such as Amino and Twitter. Were you surprised by your success? Or did you expect it? [laughs]

Ah…I’m new on Twitter and not really huge [laughs]. But I got featured several times on Amino and I never expected that [laughs].

[laughs]. Yeah, I remember the first time I saw your art on Amino as was like Holy wow because it’s amazing! Anyway, [laughs] I’ve only seen your BTS fanart but do you do other artwork to> And also, my BTS bias is Suga and I was wondering who yours was? [laughs]

Isn’t who my bias is? [laughs]. Of course it’s the worldwide handsome! And yep, I do some originals too, but for fanarts-I only do BTS [laughs].

There’s a writer on RICE and Jin is her bias! She’s gonna read this and be like ‘HE’S MINE!’ [laughs]. Be prepared for battle! [laughs]

So, I was wondering if you saw art in your future? As maybe a job? Or something to study?

[laughs] Jin is only for Namjoon [laughs].

Hmm…I don’t actually know nut I think I don’t want to use drawing in my job 100%. I mean I have another hobby so I would prefer to use that as my job.

Oh my god Namjin! [laughs] Yeah, I like art a lot too but maybe not 100% my future job. So, what is that hobby?

Singing [laughs]. I want to be both a singer and an artist in the future.

Cool! I was wondering what program you use to draw and if you have any advice for aspiring digital artists?

I use Adobe Photoshop CS6. If you want to draw in an advance style, such as semirealist, realist or else, you’re better off using photoshop. But if you want to draw some simple art style (like chibi or manga), I would recommend Paint Tool SAI.

Cool. I, personally, use Procreate. That’s a good one for simple drawings.

So, thanks for letting us interview you! Bye!

Okay! Thank you! Bye! 

Here is some of Freiya Sands art:


Issue 1



So, who actually is he?
David Hockney is a pop artist during the 80’s (see?).

Born on: 9’th of July 1939

Famous titles:

Mr and Mrs Clark and Percy

Beverly Hills housewife

A big splash

He creates many types of artwork, mostly paintings. However, some of my favourite artwork is those of his photography. He tends to cut images up, or take many, and stick them together to make one image.


Gathering inspiration-make your own:
The whole point of these style articles is for readers to gather inspiration for their art and create projects. Creating art inspired from others is a great opening to new artwork!

David Hockney often looks at California for most of his paintings and photographs. You could visit a local swimming pool or go to the beach and take lots of photos, either to paint of to make into Hockney style photography.

Got a polaroid camera? Awesome. Take lots of polaroids of a beach or California style scene and collage them together to make one huge image.

He also, however, paints portraits. Gather your friends and family in a scene, take a picture and paint it! There are many ways to gather ideas from his artwork.

Stuck on subject matter?

-Swimming Pools



-Collaged photos

-Dream/modern houses

-Scenery (He did a series of photographs on a forest road in each season)




Be sure to email us your work with the Subject David Hockney inspired art to  or tweet to @RiCE_MAGAZiNE

(Artwork will be shown in future issues)