Dear readers (I need a better intro)
It’s our third issue already!!!
I’m so excited for you to read this one!
Our main theme is HARAJUKU (a culture and district in Tokyo, Japan). Harajuku focuses a lot on ‘kawaii’ things such as clothes, make up, characters, etc.
Japan is one of my favourite countries-which makes me super excited. We also have a lot of feminism involved in this issue. We have comics coming explaining white feminism and the misconception about feminism overpowering men.
We also have travel diaries, Japanese phrases and books for learning Japanese as well as popular Japanese fashion.
I hope you enjoy this issue! 


Hi all! This our second issue!!!! Which is very exciting for us!

This month’s theme is EPILOGUE. This issue will focus hugely on pride and ending the school year. A few rituals, traditions and diary entries on our last day, preparing for the summer as well as interviews with the LGBT+ community with unique stories from across the world.

I’m really excited about this issue as it has a wide range of topics to cover. In fact, we’re all round my house now. Writing and writing.

I hope you enjoy this issue as much I do!

-Articles will also be posted on Tumblr– 



Electro-Editor’s letter JUNE 2017


June 2017-Electro


Dear Reader

Welcome to the first issue of RICE!  RICE is a magazine written by teenage girls who are obsessive ROOKIE MAG  readers.

Our plan is that each issue will have its own theme and June’s theme is


I’ll let you think about what this can include….pretty in pink


Howdy Y’all,

Welcome to Rice Mag!

Rice mag is an online magazine that post a range of different things.

Each month we have different themes that we base our magazine articles, puzzles, artwork and many more things around. We love to post a range of different things such as, blogs, puzzles, artwork, debates and lots,lots more.

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Thanks Y’all!