Here are some ideas, to do over the summer holidays:


Manga list:

Death Note:
Death Note is one of the most successful manga ever made and is now a hit anime with a Netflix movie out this year.

The story is about an average teenage boy (who must be a psycho because something ain’t right) who comes into possession of a Death Note. The name of the person written in the notebook will die of a heart attack if the cause is not written alongside the name.

Light is guided through the God of death (Ryuk) and soon Light begins to take over the world-gathering fans but striking fear into citizens. However, a detective group are soon on his tail-with the mysterious L as their leader.

The story has more plot lines which are important but that is the main plot line. This is my favourite manga! It’s very addictive to read and perfect if you enjoy detective stories, thrillers and mild horror.


Attack On Titan:
Attack On Titan is also one of the biggest manga in the industry and is also a hit anime with a video game and movie.

The story is about creatures called titans which devour humans. The human race are forced to live behind walls. It takes place behind these walls, following the story of a keen fighter named Eren. After seeing his loved ones being eaten by titans, Eren has his goal set on killing them.

After training with his friends and foes, he joins a high-ranked fighting section of the military who’s goal is to kill titans. However, the titans the titans are mysterious creatures with many secrets.

The story, yet again, has more plot lines but I didn’t want to spoil it for you! This manga series is in the same genre as Death Note and is perfect for you if you like The Walking Dead or The Maze Runner.


Princess Jellyfish:
Princess Jellyfish is about a group of otaku (geeks) who live together and each have a strange obsession. Some of these include jellyfish, trains, e.t.c. However, their home building is about to be torn down by ‘The Land Shark’ (as they nickname her).

The otaku soon befriend a cross-dresser related to the prime minister who helps them on their mission to keep the building alive. They open a fashion line and go on many adventures along the way.

This manga is also one of my favourites! It’s super cute and really addictive. I would class this as a ‘teen fiction’ manga so if you’re into teen fiction books or films or fashion in general- this is for you! Especially if you love Ru Paul’s Drag Race.


Noragami is about a victim of bullying who finds hope in a stranded god. They meet other ancient gods, grow tired of each other, tell sad tales and go on many adventures.

This manga is very good and popular! I’m sorry the description is only brief-I haven’t finished the series yet! But it’s perfect for you if you love Percy Jackson.


Sailor Moon:
Sailor Moon is almost like the Harry Potter of Japan. She is recognised by almost everyone and is huge symbol is Asia.

Usagi her true destiny-to become Sailor Moon! She befriends other guardians and they soon bond and become the Sailor Guardians.

However, evil is running through the streets of Tokyo. A strange group of ‘aliens’ come together to destroy the human race with a mysterious crystal. The guardians befriend the mysterious Tuxedo Mask and set their goal to defeat these strange beings.

Yet again, I have finished the series yet so the plot is only brief! However, this is a really cute and funny manga which is very addictive. I would, also, class this as a ‘teen fiction’ manga.

There’s the list! I hope you enjoy these manga! Tweet us your thoughts on them!

Shade The Changing Girl-Comic review 

Shade The Changing Girl is a DC comic book series about a shape-shifting poet (who happens to be an alien) from the planet Meta. The alien steals the ‘Madness vest’ and takes a trip to Earth, taking over high school bitch Megan Boyer’s life.

With the Meta police after the ‘Madness vest’ and life changing hugely for Megan, the story keeps the reader constantly interested. With each issue containing another part of the adventure, it will keep you hooked.

With Megan’s friendships crumbling and her boyfriend desperate to understand why Megan has changed, high school could not be weirder. She soon, however, befriends River and all of his friends-leaving her swimming team behind.

Whilst, on Meta, her close friends are being frequently interrogated by the police-in search of the ‘Madness Vest’.

Hello everyone-it’s Kagome (yay!). I hope you do take time to read this comic series as it a personal favourite! But I am also here to tell you about our mailing list we will be creating. This can give readers updates as well as surveys to help us improve! Sayonara!