Pretty In Pink Review

by Kagome 

Okay, I’m a little too excited to write this (Pretty In Pink is my favourite movie).

The movie is about Andie, a girl from a dingy area of town. She lives with her unemployed father. She works at a local record store with close friend Iona and has a fashionable best friend, Duckie-who is hopelessly in love with Andie and tends to embarrass her more than once throughout the movie.

A rich classmate, Blaine, however, is also in love with Andie. The pair go on a date together-breaking every status-quo. The pair visit a ‘rich kid’ party and the date fails completely.

Blaine later asks Andie to the prom but is threatened by his snobby friend Steff.

The movie shows the over-dramatic side of high school, which tells everyone who they are supposed to be, as well as the fun side.


pretty in pink


Mitsuki Natsuko 

Beetlejuice is a 1988 American Comedy directed by Tim Burton starring Alec Baldwin, Geena Davis, Michael Keaton and Wynona Ryder.

A recently deceased young couple who, after a car crash, became ghosts and started to haunt their former house. They meet a scary, devious ghost called Betelgeuse from Netherworld who tries to scare away the houses new owners.The new owners teenage daughter discovers the dead couple living in her attic and befriends them. The couple and daughter play tricks on the family and makes them suspicious. They get a ghost hunter in and he performs a seance that forces the couple to appear infront of them and revert back to there decaying corpses. Lydia ( the house owners daughter) goes to find Betelgeuse at the graveyard and asks for help. He agrees to help along as Lydia marries him. Lydia agrees and the couple is saved.

Personally i really love this movie and the actresses and actors are amazing. i recommend you watching this movie especially if you are a big fan of Tim Burton movies (as i am).